Company history

By the end of 2009 four colleagues, working together on a Fianstra Fusion Loan IQ project at an international bank with its main focus in Belgium, decided to combine their IT, business, finance and accounting knowledge. With the belief that the combination of these insights can provide an added value to each financial institution, they formally started Raven Consulting on the 8th of January 2010.

In the first year of its existence Raven Consulting grew to a company of ten employees working on multiple projects at one international bank. It also expanded its borders with one of the managing partners starting at a major bank in The Netherlands and another at an eminent bank of the United Arab Emirates.

In 2011 the international growth of Raven Consulting continued. Although the project in the United Arab Emirates came to an end, a new Finastra Fusion Loan IQ project started at a major Scandinavian bank. In the meanwhile, after a successful delivery of the first part of the Loan IQ implementation, Raven Consulting had become the preferred supplier for all Loan IQ services at the major bank in The Netherlands.

In 2012 Raven Consulting opened a second branch in the Netherlands. In the same year the amount of employees increased to a number of twenty. This growth continued in the next years.

In four years’ time Raven Consulting has grown from a company of four employees, working at one project in one country to company of more than thirty employees active in multiple countries. Not only has Raven Consulting grown geographically and in size, it has also increased the number of domains it is active in. Founded in 2010 as a company with Finastra Fusion Loan IQ expertise, it has rapidly expanded its application portfolio and product offering. 


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