Commercial lending is a key profit centre for many banks. To stay competitive, however, the commercial lending software must be able to effectively and efficiently manage the entire portfolio. Raven Consulting acts as a specialist in the credits sector, more particularly syndicated, structured and export finance credits. Our consultants are experts on the following fields:

  • Our analysts have a sound knowledge of credit life-cycling and back-office handling of credits. They support you in analysing the full lending value chain including the origination, documentation, underwriting, servicing, collection and recovery.  
  • Loans, deposits, current accounts, guarantees and letters of credit are well known concepts to our commercial lending specialists. Thanks to many years of experience, they help you define your needs and support you in finding the best way to treat these products in the software of your appetite.
  • As a system integrator in the commercial lending business, we provide the time, talents, and technology required to integrate the commercial lending application of your choice into the platform of your financial organization. Integrating a commercial lending application into a greater whole requires additional knowledge that can be provided by our integration specialists:
    • Financial transactions & accounting
    • Risk management and its link to Basel I/II/III
    • Payment systems (SWIFT)
    • Fax and Email systems
    • Tax regulations and the implications for the system
    • Security applications
    • Portfolio evaluation
    • Links to client specific databases and applications (customers, employees, etc.)

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