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FinanForce – ABN AMRO  

ABN AMRO, one of the larger banks in the Netherlands, was in need of a financing platform for their customers and relation managers for the Corporate Banking and Retail & Private banking departments. The decision for such a switch was driven by the desire to enable clients to monitor their financing needs and fulfil them via different channels. This need for change is also part of ABN AMRO's TOPS 2020 IT Program, focussed on renewing the entire IT landscape of the bank over the next five years. This way the bank intends to reduce costs, and increase innovation and agility. 

ABN AMRO chose to implement FinanForce, from technology company Topicus, which is a combination product of Finan (a tool for liquidity prognoses) and Force (a tool that supports workflow with business rules) to support credits and lending. FinanForce was chosen for its flexibility in process configuration and ability to service multiple labels. 

As part of this program, the system architecture of ABNAMRO also needed to be simplified with the reusage of SOA (service-oriented architecture) and the introduction of IFW (Information FrameWork), ESB (Enterprise service bus) and API (Application Programming Interface).  

To be able to handle this huge effort, ABNAMRO will be slicing the program in smaller projects. In this context, Raven is responsible for the handover to business, the acceptance by the several maintenance parties, the connection contracts for services, and to create transparency for the IT organization along with training the Run officers and Credits Service Desk officers in the application. To guarantee a succesful implementation of FinanForce, Raven gave advice to the Solution Core team on working in and processes in FinanForce.

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