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Syntrus Achmea is a mortgage service provider for pensionfunds. Project Eagle will redefine the mortgage application process at Syntrus Achmea.  

One part of the project is the implementation of the software package “Force” (supplier Topicus BV). This application will service the mid- and back offices for the acceptation and administration processes. Additionally, a new internet portal for intermediaries will be created, where real time status info is provided and documents can be uploaded. A second portal is also part of the scope and will focus on delivering mutation services and mortgage overview for the end customer.  

What was your exact role in the project? 

"As a Raven Consultant I act as a linking pin between Syntrus and Topicus. The role is that of a business analyst and I first spent weeks at Topicus bringing my extensive experience of the mortgage domain into play so that the software had some predefined products and workflow before we actually started the on site project at Syntrus.  

Once on Syntrus' premises I further refine the specific client’s requirements and translate these towards Topicus for customized changes. Next to the specific application related work I also advice and help analyze the needs for the online service platforms for the intermediaries and the customers."  

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