In 2005, BNP Paribas Fortis decided to implement Finastra Fusion Loan IQ to manage 4 different divisions: the syndicated lending department, the global export and project finance division, the global trade services department and the financial institutions group. This implementation had to be done for all of its branches and had to be integrated with all the sites’ individual systems.

The challenges & projects

Once the decision was made to use Finastra Fusion Loan IQ, an in-depth analysis period started to customize the standard package. Raven consultants supported the BNP Paribas Fortis team to analyse their needs and set-up the parameters in Finastra Fusion Loan IQ. Hand-in-hand with the customer, they configured and customized Finastra Fusion Loan IQ into a user friendly solution which allows the registration of the BNPP Fortis credit products and provides the necessary information to the supporting departments of the bank.

To centralise the data as much as possible, Finastra Fusion Loan IQ was used as a data provider for the following tailor-made interfaces: the finance interface, several risk reporting interfaces, the customer interface, several tax related interfaces, the payment interface (SWIFT), the fax and email interfaces, etc. These interfaces allow a more efficient approach by reducing duplication and decreasing the risk of human errors. As a system integrator, Raven Consulting was the perfect partner for BNP Paribas Fortis to set-up and maintain these interfaces.

To further extend the functionalities of Finastra Fusion Loan IQ and to satisfy the needs of BNP Paribas Fortis, a reporting module was built with the same look-and-feel as the Finastra Fusion Loan IQ application. The module allowed the users to follow up the payments and accounting in more detail and extract multiple tailor-made reports that contain more complex information than the standard reports foreseen by Finastra Fusion Loan IQ.

After multiple successful releases, the project moved into a maintenance phase. Raven Consulting ensured a 24/7/365 technical support and acted as the main point of contact for technical issues.

Raven consultants were also involved in multiple migration projects: the migration of different branches/countries, the migration from Finastra Fusion Loan IQ v5 to Finastra Fusion Loan IQ v6 and finally the migration from BNP Paribas Fortis to the BNP Paribas platform. The success of these migration heavily relied on the sound knowledge of the fully integrated system, a profound analysis of the new requirements and the carefully controlled automation of the data input (QTP, Finastra dynamic link libraries (API’s), migration specific interfaces, etc.)

As a final step, Raven Consulting led the decommissioning and clean up of the Finastra Fusion Loan IQ BE system (including all interfaces) after the migration to the BNP Paribas platform. A set of tools for data backup was provided to be in line with the administrative regulations that are applicable on e.g. accounting data. 

The Raven Consulting team

Raven consulting has been involved in all tasks related to a Lending Back-office system.

  • The project managers of Raven Consulting coordinated several Finastra Fusion Loan IQ integration and migration projects within BNP Paribas Fortis. They always strived to in time delivery and were able to accomplish many successful releases. Their time and cost estimates have proven to be very accurate, which prevented undesirable surprises at the end of the projects.
  • Raven analysts are specialised in the (Syndicated) Lending Business, IT and Finance. Moreover, they have a strong functional knowledge of the Finastra Fusion Loan IQ application which makes them the preferred partner for Finastra Fusion Loan IQ projects. Our business analysts, functional analysts as well as technical analysts exceeded customer expectations.
  • The Raven developers worked along with the in-house developers to achieve great results in a short time. Many interfaces and programs were developed for both Windows and Mainframe platforms. 
  • Our test coordinators and test providers supported BNP Paribas Fortis in all levels of tests; Unit Tests, Integration Tests, User Acceptance Tests, etc. Our test automation (QTP based) reduces the errors and increases  the efficiency and repeatability of the tests. The reliability of the tests resulted in a lower need for post go life maintenance.


Raven Consulting worked side by side with the BNPP Fortis team to ensure timely deliveries time and time again. Raven consultants assist the client on all aspects of the project, spanning from project management, requirements gathering, detailed design, development and testing. Together with BNPP Fortis we delivered multiple successful releases.

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