ING – Amsterdam Fusion Loan IQ Finance interface Release 2

After the successful go-live of Release 1 of the finance interface in 2011 a number of new products and functionalities was selected for a next release. In this release 2, Raven consulting and ING staff analyzed the products Discount loans, Depostis, Operational & financial lease, Bonds Investments, Standalone loans and standalone deposits. From a functional perspective we analyzed non peforming, skimming, provisions and risk participations. The requirements gathering always consisted out of a demo session in which we collected both the operational needs and the finance perspective on the relevant scope item. This agile approach was perceived very good by all stakeholders and lead to a shorter analysis period and less iterations per scope item before the analysis documents were signed off.

Raven consulting delivered also the functional design of the interface and the configuration document to the “run the bank” organization for production support. After a smooth testing phase will little defects the project went successfully live in May 2012.

ING – Amsterdam Fusion Loan IQ Finance interface Transition phase Release

After 2 years of operational usage of Finastra Fusion Loan IQ, it turned out some products and functionalities were used in a different way than initially documented in the requirements. All these defects were bundled in a specific transition phase and because they caused production support issues needed to be delivered very short term. Raven Consulting and ING staff worked together to analyze the defects and making the adjustments to the functional design in a couple of months. After a short and successful test period the transition phase delivery went live in September 2012.

An overview of the defects analyzed and delivered:

  • Cashflows for SPV’s
  • Upfront fee amortization via event fee payment
  • Fee accrue to expense
  • Risk available commitment
  • Expired guarantees
  • Admin fee amortization on other branch than owning branch
  • Paperclip payments in non performing status
  • Wrong charge-off amounts if partial payments occur

ING – Amsterdam Fusion Loan IQ Finance interface Release 3

Finastra Fusion Loan IQ is a very complex application with a lot of functionality in it, to support all aspects of commercial lending. Not only the change in products, but also change in usage of the functionalities or reporting requirements do count for a continuous amount of change requirements at ING. Thanks to the successful cooperation between Raven Consulting and ING staff, a team is held together to deliver this continuous change effort. In release 3 the team worked successful together on collaterals, skimming variants, portfolio transfers, mixed facilities, singularity cycle, SBLC minimum amount accrual and more. Again an old saying, “never change a winning team”, has been the road to success. Congratulations with again a smooth go-live in September 2013.

ING – Amsterdam Fusion Loan IQ Collateral Enhancement and migration strategy

In 2012 Finastra delivered a collateral enhancement known under the number 1916 to ING to expand the functionality adding new attributes and new behavior to the collateral type, collateral item and the collateral holding. Next to that new tables and new ways to calculate the value of the collateral were introduced in Finastra Fusion Loan IQ. Raven Consulting was asked to create the user manuals and training for this enhancement. In addition ING asked Raven Consulting to deliver a migration strategy for the existing portfolio of collaterals on to the new enhancement functionality in Finastra Fusion Loan IQ. The whole scope was delivered in 3 months with huge satisfaction and recognition of the client.


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