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Oracle Revenue Management and Billing provides the client with a comprehensive solution view for product pricing, invoicing, and payments. ORMB can provide a single invoice to customers for all the services they have used, regardless of where they have used them. This way, the client can determine which charges should be consolidated onto each invoice, along with the ability to compute pricing rates, discounts, minimum / maximum prices, and billable quantities using bundles. Raven Consulting has experience in the full scope of an ORMB implementation, from gathering business requirements until performing end-to-end testing. 


A Nordic based client chose to implement ORMB as the new unified custody fee invoicing system. For the four Nordic countries, the domestic legacy fee systems were to be replaced by one common unified fee system. In a full STP (straight-through-processing) solution, ORMB handled the invoicing custody fee related to safekeeping, trades, and corporate actions for both corporate and private clients. Raven Consulting has been involved from beginning to end in the ORMB implementation, including the configuration of ORMB, invoicing the client, debiting the cash account and performing P/L accounting. Both analysts and project managers from Raven were involved in this project. The ORMB implementation started in Q1 2016 with business requirements workshops. For the first country, the go live is planned for Q4 2017. The other countries are planned for a go live in Q1 2018. 

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