Triquesta Collateral Manager (TCM) is an application intended for Trade and Commodity Finance (TCF). It is developed by the company Triquesta.

TCF is related to domestic and international trade transactions. These transactions involve commodities. For a trade transaction there should be a seller to sell the commodities and a buyer who will buy the commodities. Intermediaries such as banks can facilitate trade transactions by financing the trade.

Before the bank fulfills a new financing request, the risk position of the client will be checked. This risk position is influenced by:

  • Remaining amount of the facility
  • Other exposures of the client (loans, SBLC’s, Current Accounts)
  • The collateral provided by the client

Without an application such as TCM, these risk positions need to be managed in Excel sheets. This involves an operation risk such as the chance of human errors or lost files. Working with Excel sheets also isn’t efficient, because the maintenance of the sheets is time and resource consuming.

TCM is a risk monitoring application which simplifies these tasks. It offers the following functionalities:

  • manage facilities
  • manage collaterals and their market prices
  • consult the position of the customer
  • approve exposure requests of the customer
  • detect risks in the TCF portfolio, based on changes in the market (regarding the commodity prices)
  • consult transactions
  • run reports
  • keep a profile list of borrowers
  • keep a profile list of mid-office personnel and their respective access rights

One of Raven Consulting’s managing partners assisted ING Bank Rotterdam with the implementation of TCM. He did this by tailoring TCM to the business needs of ING. This was achieved through close interaction with Triquesta and intense testing of the deliverables. As a result ING Bank Rotterdam is now enjoying the benefits of TCM since it went live in March 2013.

After the successful go live for the Netherlands, ING decided to do a more global rollout of the TCM application. This global rollout will include phased version upgrades of TCM for each location. To assist with this rollout, ING is making use of the services of two more Raven Consulting consultants. They are aiding with the testing by defining a regression testset based on the used TCM functionalities. In addition they are also testing known defects, doing a quality check by looking for new defects, and generally assisting the customer with the gathering of product knowledge.

The following TCM rollouts are currently on the planning:

  • ING Bank Singapore: July 2014
  • ING Bank Hong Kong: October 2014
  • ING Bank Shanghai: December 2014
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