Trade finance refers to a wide range of tools that determine how cash, credit, investments and other assets can be used for trade. The financing of international trade by reconciling the divergent needs of an exporter and importer is of vital importance to the global economy. The majority of the global trade is reliant on this method of financing.

  • Our clients are providers of trade finance and related financial services. We help them evolve and automate their trade finance business by offering a wide range of high quality consultancy services. Raven Consulting has the experience to enable your financial institution to keep up with the rapidly changing technology.
  • Whether you are focusing on payment facilitation, risk mitigation, or the provision of information about the status of payments & shipments; we can help you implement the solution of your needs.
  • Our trade finance experts have experience with many traditional trade finance products (e.g. Letters of credit, bank guarantee, etc.) as well as factoring, forfaiting, export & agency finance, trade credit insurance, political risk insurance and many more bank specific products.
  • We are experienced in finding solutions for the complex processes related to collateral management. It’s our mission to help you implement the newest technologies in order to be in line with the newest regulations and to limit your risk exposure.
  • Together we strive to find the best solutions in order to be in line with your customers expectations and to excel with respect to your competitors.

Read more about our experience in trade finance in the case studies.


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